Real protection against price spikes. The price of fuel may skyrocket—but your price is locked-in. Budget better. MoreGallons can bring balance to your fuel budget. Your price is locked in - you’re protected.MoreGallons is more flexible than other fuel-savings programs. Get your fuel any way you choose. MoreGallons doesn't change a thing about the way you already buy fuel. No expiration date. The fuel you buy from MoreGallons stays good as long as you're a member. Special needs? Give us a call. MoreGallons will work to meet your fleet requirements.

Tomorrow's Gas. Today's Prices.

Save money on fuel purchases for your fleet, boat, RV or plane.

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Current Fuel Prices


Updated 12/13/17 4:06 PM

How It Works


  • Pre-purchase 1,000 gallons of fuel at
    $2 per gallon
  • Buy your fuel at the pump, then cash in
    300 gallons when prices rise to $3 per gallons
  • You save $300 or $1 per gallon, and you still have 700 MoreGallons left

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