How It Works

How It Works…

Using MoreGallons is easy and does not require any change in the way you purchase your fuel at the pump. You are simply pre-purchasing bulk quantities of fuel at a low, fixed price, the current MoreGallons Price for unleaded gas or diesel fuel.* Think of the purchase as your very own fuel reserve. When prices rise, buy your fuel at the pump. Then, tap into your fuel reserve. Cash in some gallons at the current higher price to pay for the fuel you bought at the pump in the past 30 days. The more prices rise, the more you can save.

How much does MoreGallons Cost?

The MoreGallons annual membership fee is $179.00 per fleet regardless of size. Service fees of $.06 per gallon when you pre-purchase, and $.06 per gallon when you cash in, also apply.

You’re Protected

Not only will you get protection against the rising price of gasoline, your membership includes a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind within 30 days of joining MoreGallons, you may cancel and receive a refund of your membership fee. All corporate funds are safe and secure in FDIC-insured and SIPC-insured accounts. You can request a refund for unused fuel at any time subject to terms and conditions.

*The MoreGallons Price for unleaded gas or diesel fuel is based on the current commercial rates for fuel in the United States.  Members may pre-purchase OR cash in fuel at the then current MoreGallons Price.