Online company says it can help people battle high gas prices

No one’s happy about gas prices these days, but WNEM has found a business that claims to help people who are sick of the roller coaster prices.  The company is called They claim to offer a service where consumers can buy gas and stockpile it at today’s prices and lock in the current price, protecting them from any future price increases.  Read More

Gas prices loom large in the South on Super Tuesday

Gas prices were an important factor for a significant majority of voters in primary states today, according to CBS News early exit polling. And as in other states that have voted in the Republican presidential nominating contests, the economy is the top issue for primary voters today, and electability remains the most important candidate quality.  Read More

Is this the time to lock-in prices?

Gas prices have been rising on the back of soaring oil prices, which have surged 10% over the past month amid fears that tensions with Iran will lead to an all-out war that causes a disruption in oil supplies.  Signs of an improving economy have also boosted oil prices, as has the stock market. All three major indexes hit multi-year highs in the past week, but have finished in the red for the past two trading days.  Read More

Oil Is the New Greece: HSBC Chief Economist

Rising oil prices have displaced Greece as a source of investor anxiety, a new HSBC report says, warning that if the trend of rising oil prices persists, a fragile economic recovery in the developed world could quickly be derailed, and inflation could return to emerging markets.  Oil prices have risen to all-time highs in euro and sterling terms in recent days and are edging close to the $147 per barrel high seen in 2008, mainly as a result of rising tensions over Iran.  HSBC Chief Economist Stephen King said in the report that sanctions against Iran have already led to supply shortages which have doubtless lifted oil prices.  There are also plenty of other Iranian-related issues to worry about, he said.  Read More

Price of gas surging

The price of gas has jumped 45 cents since Jan. 1 and is the highest on record for this time of year, an average of $3.73 per gallon. On Wall Street, talk has turned from the European debt crisis to another worry: Will higher gas prices derail the economic recovery?  Read More